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ja pierdolę słownik

ja pierdolę Fuck it – lets just stay in tonight as we cant make a decision. her pron pronoun : Replaces noun--for example, " He took the cookie and ate it ."

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The high court paperwork suggests that a sequence of 11 articles published by the News of the World in 2005-2006 about miller and Law used information that had been obtained illegally from their voicemail, exposing their thoughts about having children, their travel plans, an argument between the two of them and their discussions about their relationships with other people.

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The closest free translation is "Fuck me!" as an exclamation "Oh fuck!". Literal meaning is"I am fucking". "Ja pierdolę" can be used in both positive and negative context. What needs to be bared in mind though, is that the primary word "pierdolić" stands for "to fuck". Thus all combinations are strong sword-words, even if softened with funny moaning pronuncation.

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ja pierdolę słownik

coś kogoś pierdoli • ja cię pierdolę / ja pierdolę • nie pierdolić się w tańcu etymologia: Według Andrzeja Bańkowskiego pochodzi od słowa „pierdoła” (1588 r., o starym niedołędze), a to z …

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ja pierdolę słownik

He was a good team man and a hell of a guy.. He told me to get the hell out of his office.. Who the hell are you to get out of the car?. They wanted to know what the hell was going on.. Where the hell do they think I went to medical school?. Well, he was sure as hell going to find out.. Why the hell did he want to talk to anyone?. How the hell does a man get into such a situation?

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Wulgaryzmy słownik polsko angielski. I A Jurkowski. Download with Google Download with Facebook Ja cię zajebię Ill rearrange your face Ja pierdolę Fuck, holy fuck, what the fuck Jaja Balls Jajogłowy Egg-head, brain, culture vulture Jebać Fuck Jesteś wał You wally, you jerk Kabel Stool pigeon, rat, fink Konował Witch doctor, quack

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Polish: ·first-person singular indicative present of pierdolić

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ja pierdolę słownik

Ja pierdolę – najpopularniejsze wyrażenie stosowane w języku polskim.Oznacza ono zdziwienie, bezsilność lub rozczarowanie czymś. W skrajnych przypadkach oznacza chęć powiększenia rodziny. Nie wiadomo, skąd pochodzi ten zwrot – pewnie nikomu się nie chciało tego sprawdzać.

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ja pierdolę słownik

Showing page 1. Found 222 sentences matching phrase "Ja pierdolę".Found in 29 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. They come from many sources and are not checked. Be warned.

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ja pierdolę słownik

Holy crap, the scale of this is difficult to get my mind around.. Holy crap, but hes really starting to look like his dad.. Holy crap - you mean this merger might just not go through?. Holy crap, she would hate him forever for turning in her friends.. People keep saying "only $0.99 rentals" but holy crap does that sound expensive to me. "Holy crap," Bill whispered, then realized that the

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ja pierdolę słownik

Co to znaczy Ja Pierdole? Definicja słowa Ja Pierdole w serwisie Miejski.pl. słowo to określa nasze nie zadowolenie, podniecenie, Używa go się również gdy jesteśmy czymś zmęczeni lub zniesmaczeni.

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