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Crotalus ravus - Wikipedia
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Crotalus ravus COPE, 1865. In Sistrurus the lateral hook of the squamosal makes an acute angle (45 to 80 degrees) with the main part of the bone. In Piersonus gen. nov., the lateral process of the squamosal is substantially at right angles to the main part of the bone. In Sistrurus, the upper preocular is in contact with the postnasal,
Crotalus ravus | The Reptile Database
This is the ultimate challenge to be answered by anyone hoping to promote creationism; the identification of "created kinds"? Any intrepid creationist who attempts to meet this challenge will instead discover a truth which John Muir once described thus: "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe."
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ravus datezone
A study using mitochondrial DNA strongly suggests that C. ravus is part of a species complex including Crotalus triseriatus, Crotalus pusillus, Crotalus aquilus, and Crotalus lepidus. This study also confirmed strong genetic differentiation among the three subspecies aligning with geographic barriers.
ravus datezone
The latest Tweets from Lightblind (@Ravus): "Current active twitter: https://t.co/L6V1fTOIDd"
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ravus datezone
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